After this is done you need to fill out the top part of the form. You also must prove identity and residency. The City of Norwich has a licensing ordinance in place for all dogs housed within the city limits. Additionally, a leash law is strictly enforced by our Police Department. A dog census is also taken and records kept to ensure the safety of the animals and the populace. Information concerning the licensing of dogs may be obtained by contacting the City of Norwich Finance Department at FOIL requests are filed to access public records.

FOIL requests do not apply to vital records. We will also accept emailed requests to aeaton norwichnewyork. Please provide as much detail in your request as possible to facilitate your request. Within five 5 business days of receiving the request the City Clerk will furnish a written statement granting or denying the request in whole or part. Always save your work so that you can come back at a later time to continue working on dog death certificate template.

13+ Dog Certificate Templates

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City Clerk, Norwich New York

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City Census

Click on the button to Merge PDF. Proof of ID is required to get a copy of a vital record. This town only has certificates for those individuals who were living in Pittston at the time of birth, death, or marriage.

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Printer-friendly Version. Dog licenses expire on December 31st but you have until January 31st to relicense with no late fees.

Unfortunately, many residents in town simply forget to license their dogs in time and end up getting a visit from the Animal Control Officer.