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Only this time, 2 of the 3 drives were missing. Since both of those drives were actually mounted via a vblade share on a different physical machine , I assumed that the other server had freaked out during a power surge. I quickly rebooted the machine to bring back the vblade shares, but then the trouble started. At some point, the array was "started" but had two faulty drives. I tried --remove and --add to remove and re-add the "faulty" drives. This had the effect of bringing the array back "online" with all the drives as spares.

I removed the drives again, and tried the trick I used last time:. However, this also didn't work. At this point I was a little more than worried that I had done something to trash the array. That's when a google search led me to this handy command:. This prints out the superblock information that is present on the hard drive. This told me that the e4. Also, the UUIDs on all three drives still matched. However, the bottom section of the report differed on all the drives.

Using the --assume-clean flag tells mdadm not to write any data to the drives, or to start initializing the array. That's when I realized that the order in which you specify the drives to the --create command actually matters. I re-ran the command like this:. So while RAID 5 protects against a single hard drive failing, it does not protect against me running stupid commands on the array. I'm going to have to start backing up my raid arrays onto other drives This is primarily targeted towards graphic designers, although anyone can benefit from the information here as well.

This post focuses on the hardware of a laptop rather than the software.

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To begin, I highly recommend people stick with Dell or Apple. IBM and Toshiba are good too, but they typically market more to corporations than home users. Both Dell and Apple are pretty much the top of the line as far as home and small business go. You'll always hear about people who have had problems with both, but they are pretty good about fixing things if you get the extra warranty. Again, the information here is applicable to any brand of laptop, but I will mention specifics of some Dell and Apple laptops. Let me tell you about some of the things that will make the most difference when using your laptop:.

Not screen size! My Dell that I got in is This is probably the biggest reason I haven't stopped using it yet, even though I have an iMac as well. The screen is wide enough to fit two internet windows side by side comfortably. Also, when working in Photoshop or InDesign, the toolbars sit nicely off to the side, still leaving plenty of room in the middle for your image.

The toolbars are physically small because the resolution is so high. The lower-end computers use a graphics card that is built in and shares the main system memory. This means you lose megabytes of RAM since your graphics card is using it. Also, the graphics card runs much slower since it has to pull data through the same bus as the system to access the RAM. If you are planning on doing any kind of video editing, this is a must. It will also make Photoshop run much faster. My Dell has a 64mb graphics card, although they are usually mb now.

But even the 64mb card is better than none. The biggest drawback to an Apple laptop is that you don't get a dedicated graphics card until you spend some serious money on a Macbook Pro. Their regular Macbooks have just a shared graphics card. You can get away with having 1gb of RAM, but really you should shoot for 2gb minimum. I have slowly added RAM to my Dell over the years, which is another reason it has been able to last this long.

Apple charges way too much for their RAM upgrades, and it is pretty easy to install.

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Any of the Intel Duos will be totally fine. You really won't notice much of a difference between the 2. You will, however, notice a difference between an Intel Duo and an Intel Celeron. A lot of other brands, and also the lower-end Dells use the Celeron processors. You definitely do not want one of these. You will notice that it is much slower. Video and voice chatting is becoming much more common these days. It's all free, so it's better than using a cell phone if you're at your computer. Also it acts like a speaker phone because you don't need to hold a phone to your ear to talk.

I use voice and video chatting for work meetings all the time. You can't get an Apple without a camera at this point, so that isn't really an issue. And it looks like Dell includes a camera on all their XPS series, and has the option to add it to an Inspiron. With Dell's Inspiron and Studio lines you can get a screen at x That is the same resolution as my 24" iMac, and it's absolutely incredible, especially for photo editing.

Packing it into a One alternative to getting a super high resolution screen is to get one that is slightly smaller, like x, and then also get an external monitor for your desk. This will let you take advantage of an even bigger total screen size when you're sitting at your desk, and will still be fine when you are mobile. I use an external 17" screen along with my main screen on my iMac. I have the extra screen turned on its side so that it is more like looking at a printed page.

I can leave things over there for reference while I'm typing on my main screen, like code documentation or file browsers. When working in Creative Suite, it is really nice to be able to open up all the tool palettes and shove them on to the external monitor, and use the full size of the main screen for the document you're editing! Hopefully this information helps someone in their search for the perfect laptop.

I'd be curious to hear what others think. Blogging is an alternative to having a website. You can have a domain name www. Usernames identify you in online communities, e-commerce websites, and blogs. You will be branded by how you define your username. If thoughtfully created and used consistently, it will become your online identity. Here are a few tips to consider when developing a memorable username for yourself or your business:. If you have multiple usernames, they are considered independent of each other until both are used or associated together on the same site.

Once you have decided on a username, it is a good idea to register that username on as many free services as you can. This way you'll get more links back to you, and it will prevent someone else from taking your username on another service. These free services are discussed later. The best email address to publish and put on your business cards is an address ending in your businesses domain name, for example, john example.

The username you choose, the part before the sign depends on how personal you want the address to appear. You can use your first name john example. Using something like "sales" will give your customers the sense of contacting a larger company, where more than one person could respond, and the particular person who responds is not significant.

Using your own name, or even a username, will tell your customers that they are writing directly to a person. When you register a domain name or buy web hosting, often times the same company will offer email services for your domain. For the most part, this is adequate, especially if you use a desktop email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. You can configure your email program to send and receive mail from your new email address. You can also check your email when you are away from your computer if your hosting company offers a web-based email client. Think using Outlook compared to Gmail, Gmail can be accessed anywhere, but your Outlook mail is on your computer.

Most hosting companies or domain name registrars offer some form of web-based email. Unfortunately, most of the time their web interfaces are clunky and hard to use. If you have ever used Gmail, you'll probably agree that it is among the best web-based email applications out there. Google offers a way that you can use their Gmail application on your own domain name.

They have wrapped up this service along with many others and called it "Google Apps". It is set up where you registered your domain name, and from that point on, you don't have to worry about keeping it running. Google handles all the email for your domain and you get an excellent web interface and the best spam protection that exists. Your customers won't know that you are using Gmail, since all emails from you will be sent from you yourbiz.

You also won't need to worry about moving your old emails to a new service if you decide to change hosting companies or ISPs. Learn more at www. A yahoo. This service is discussed in more detail later. However, if you do not use Yahoo for your web hosting, then using a yahoo email address is not a good idea.

If you haven't purchased a domain name yet, or if you are not yet ready to purchase one, the next best email address you can use is a Gmail address. If you are a sole proprietor, or the only member of an LLC, you are probably best off by creating a Gmail address that is your full name, like first. This form of address is the most credible among free email addresses. It is also acceptable to create a Gmail address for your business such as yourbiz gmail.

There are many domain name registrars on the web. Most web hosting providers will include one free domain registration with the purchase of web hosting or do-it-yourself services. Typically, additional domain names can be purchased at reduced costs once web hosting services are established. If your desired domain name has already been taken, your options are limited. Get creative with name variations or keywords that can be used to support your business name, such as your state oregonexample. If your business name is very specific however, the best alternative would be to use dashes to separate the name components, such as "domain-example.

Dashes are browser and search engine friendly. The downside of dashes is that they are harder for people to remember to type in at the address bar. If they're thinking of your business name "domain example", and type in "domainexample. You will become dependent on your marketing materials including email correspondence to promote the use of the dash in your domain name.

If you have multiple extensions available to you, such as. See wordpress. Many small, local ISPs may offer domain registration and web hosting services, however, on the whole, larger ISPs such as Comcast and Qwest might only offer email services in addition to your internet connection plan. Earthlink is an exception, however monthly hosting rates skyrocket after initial incentive prices expire.

It is a good idea to keep your web hosting services separate from your ISP provider. Should you switch internet service companies for your home or office, or relocate, you will not have to migrate your website to another web hosting provider, which could result in "downtime". If you are working with a web designer to create a website for your business, and have not yet purchased your domain name or web hosting services, allow the web designer to be involved in the decision of which web hosting provider you use. Certain technical requirements will be necessary for the development of your site.

If you have already purchased a domain name, but do not have web hosting services, there are many options available to you. Some domain name registrars will only offer registration services, and require you to purchase web hosting services elsewhere, but most popular domain registrars will sell these services as well. Doing so is good for them, and also enables you to manage your website with a single account and service provider.

Yahoo Small Business and Google Sites offer inexpensive or free template-based website hosting. You can choose from a set of templates they offer, and quickly build your own website by creating pages and links. Many major web hosting providers such as GoDaddy. These "do-it-yourself" web design services come in a variety of package prices that cater to the intended size of your site. Through easy-to-use online interfaces, they offer templates that allow you to customize colors, page layouts and images to suit your desired design, and keep maintenance of your design and site content at your fingertips.

This can be a good option if you don't feel you have the budget to hire someone to create a customized website for you. You may have heard the term DNS tossed around. This refers to the Domain Name System DNS servers every web hosting provider maintains that act as the "phone book" for translating readable domain names e. For instance, when someone types "www.

DNS hosting is usually provided by your web hosting provider. If your domain name is registered with a company other than your web hosting provider, the domain registrar will need to "point" your domain name to your web hosting provider's DNS servers. Some web developers offer to relieve you of the burden of dealing with all the technical aspects of getting your website off the ground and keeping it running. They may do any combination of registering the domain name, configuring the DNS settings, finding a hosting provider, configuring email services, and making changes to the content of your website.

As you're getting started it's often best to explore what your competition is doing. How have they designed their websites? Is it effective? What works, what doesn't? Are there color schemes that work best for your industry? Plan your website before you start building it! Be simple, realistic and specific in your design.

See webpagesthatsuck. Use proper etiquette when emailing and blogging. This is reflected back on your business, and way of doing business. Online communications lack the non-verbal cues of a face-to-face conversation. This means you must choose your words carefully. Using all lowercase makes the sentences harder to discern and appears as if it is written by a child.

Be sure to check for typos. You can use the spell checker built in to Microsoft Word, or most email clients. See albion. Simply creating a website is not enough. Once your website is built, no one will find it unless you advertise it. Having a website is not like having an ad in the yellow pages. Your website is a place people go to after they have already heard about you and want more information.

Don't let anything leave your office without your website printed on it. This includes, but is not limited to:. Just be careful of creating a bad image! Such videos can be included in your site as well. Ideas to consider:. As mentioned in the "Email Addresses" section above, Gmail provides the sleekest and most-respected free email accounts. Blogger is the most popular hosted blog platform. You get a URL such as yourbiz. It is also possible to use Blogger to publish to your own website address, or to have a URL such as blog. They offer limited options to customize the look and colors of your blog.

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website. You can upload any video you create, and it can be seen by potentially millions of people. If you have created ads for TV, you should also upload them to YouTube so they will get even more exposure. It is free to create an account and upload videos. Both Flickr and Photobucket are image and recently video hosting websites.

They are used by many photographers as a portfolio of their work, and are also used by bloggers to host the photos they place on their blogs. These are free services for a basic account, and offer additional capacity for a monthly or annual fee. Twitter is a "micro-blogging" and social networking platform.

Instead of writing full paragraphs, the entries are limited to characters. This encourages brief and frequent updates, and allows the messages to be sent to cell phones as SMS messages. In the last year or so, it has become popular for businesses, politicians, and news media organizations to post brief updates to this website.

Others can subscribe to receive these updates in near real-time, having the messages delivered by Instant Message, SMS, or by reading them on the website. Google Sites is a relatively new platform for easily creating a starter website. The websites are extremely limited in the customization of the design, although you can easily add things like a calendar, photo slideshow, and embed videos.

Although selling products online is outside the scope of this document, there are a few websites worth briefly mentioning. These websites allow you to sell products online. You can also use them to create a virtual store-front, similar to having a web page, although the look is usually less customizable than having your own website. Paypal and Google Checkout are alternatives to setting up a credit card merchant account to accept payments online.

A merchant account typically involves a monthly charge as well as a transaction fee, whereas these services usually charge only a transaction fee. You will be able to accept credit card payments, although you will require your customers to create an account at Paypal or Google Checkout during the process.

You can view the latest version of this document online at: aaronparecki. I just stumbled across Google's Treasure Hunt. They're always doing neat things, so I checked it out. It's a series of four problem-solving puzzles released one week at a time. I found out about it after the first question was already over, so I jumped in starting with the second question. In this problem you are given a zip folder with hundreds of text files nested in folders an arbitrary number of levels deep. The question asks to find the sum of the nth line of all files with abc in their path, ending in.

You do this twice, then calculate the product of the two sums. You can download the file I got from them at the link below. I thought this would be a good chance to practice my bash scripting, so I decided to give it a shot. Once we run this, we get a list of all the files we'll need to process. Now we need to create a running total of the values in the nth line in each file.

This is where a bash 'for' loop and 'awk' come in handy. The 'for' loop looks at the output line by line, and the variable x will contain each filename. This is an awk command that prints the 3rd line of filename. If we can stick this into the 'for' loop, we can get a running total. Now we just repeat for the other pattern, and we end up with our sum in two variables. Calculating the product is simple. Personally, I thought this puzzle was a little bit simplistic. I would have expected them to throw in some tricks, so that a poorly written search command would return some other files that would mess with your result.

Now that I've said that, I hope I got it right! I find out in 10 hours if my answer is correct. Aaron Parecki. Articles Notes Photos. Lane Community College Aaron Parecki. Tex Tutorial How to get math notation in Moodle Moodle Moodle is an open-source course management system Quizlet A great resource for finding test questions Quizlet to Moodle Import Quizlet questions into Moodle I have been working with a group of faculty to develop online courses at Lane Community College.

Tue, Jun 23, pm Am I really the only one who knows what street I grew up on? Tue, May 12, pm Real Design Online Aaron Parecki. The easiest way to create a website for your listings! Publish your site in 5 minutes or less. Sat, May 9, am MediaWiki Aaron Parecki.

Lowercase usernames in MediaWiki from jeffmcneill. MediaWiki Changelog Graphs github.

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Fri, May 1, pm Web 2. Introduction The goal of this page is to describe some Web 2. Twitter What is it? Here are some examples of what the students were tweeting: hw13 I think that Chief Justice Earl Warren really made it known what he believed is right when it comes to desegregation in schools. Vietnam government link The code at the beginning of the tweet marks these tweets as belonging to History week 13 and Twitter in Conferences A great use of Twitter is to connect with people at a conference.

Here are some examples of Twitter usage at the eLearning conference: Audience reactions during a debate about second life Twitter mixed with live-blogging during a talk about Web 2. Collaborative document editing, including spreadsheets and presentations Google Docs has a word processor which can be used to write papers like Microsoft Word.

Grading and Feedback in Google Docs He also highly recommends it not only for collaborative projects, but also for collecting and grading student papers. Turning in and grading homework electronically also saves paper! Wikis, Blogs, and Forums What is the difference?? Blogs One or more authors, writing to a larger audience A blog is a type of website updated at somewhat regular intervals with commentary or descriptions of events. Wikis Many authors contributing to a shared document A wiki is a way to collaboratively edit a collection of web pages. Forums Many-to-many discussion A forum is a tool to facilitate group discussion.

PBWorks - Free wiki hosting blogger. Her slideshow summarizing the project is embedded below. Some of the key points: Term Paper Limitations Audience of one Time- and place-bound Learning Issues How to make a term paper a larger learning experience rather than a limited academic exercise How to motivate students to do their best work What Worked Well Students invested more in their work, felt greater ownership, and experienced greater returns for their efforts Products were generally better written than typical term papers What Didn't Work Well Students needed extra guidance to create high quality articles in encyclopedia style More instructor time required to shepherd students through entire process.

Tue, Mar 31, am Algorithmic Art Aaron Parecki. Overview A computer program generated the image you see above. Description of the Algorithm Color The first step of the algorithm I created is to determine the color scheme which will be used throughout the drawing process. Shape Generating the rectangle shapes is the next step. Edge Shading The edges of each rectangle are traversed, and a slight shading effect is applied. Broad Brightening The part that takes the longest follows. Horizontal Strokes The final step is adding the horizontal strokes to the image.

Fri, Mar 13, am Web Development Aaron Parecki. Quicksilver Real Estate Solutions - quicksilverleads. Real Design Online - realdesignonline.

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Career Pathways Roadmap Web Tool - oregon. Open-Source Website for Career Pathways - cpwebtool. A MediaWiki page - cpwebtool. Online Knitting Stores - www. Sun, Mar 1, pm Breadcrumb Trails I decided I wanted my site to have breadcrumb trails, so I found this breadcrumb trail extension. Comments One of the main things preventing me from using MediaWiki to drive my site earlier was the fact that comments are handled as "talk pages", and your typical user is not going to want to figure that out.

Sat, Feb 28, pm For Wordpress 2. This blog uses the IMAP login mechanism. Your password is set with your email account.

Fri, Feb 13, am Mon, Feb 9, am Why, you ask? Because sshfs on OSX's version of sshfs is wonky. Let's get started. Note the extra option at the end: sshfs username example. I hope this covers it, but feel free to comment if I've left anything out. Thu, Nov 20, am The below diagram should help illustrate the benefit of using PHP to embed your tweets.

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This involves a lot of code, and generally looks something like this: It is rendered completely unnecessary by using one line of regular expressions! PHP regular expressions twitter. Wed, Oct 29, am Background First let me just say that I have been struggling with this problem for quite some time now. The trouble I have run in to falls under a few categories: A problem with the physical host A problem at the VPS level operating system, Apache or MySQL errors, etc A problem at the network level Problems with the physical host Problems with the physical host do occur.

Problems at the application level I haven't actually run in to many problems at the VPS level compared to the other types of problems. Problems at the nework level By far the most frequently occurring problem I encounter is network-related. My Solution Since I most frequently encounter network issues, I can't get away with a just a typical load-balancing solution. Replication to the rescue! Mon, Sep 22, pm Hiding text from non-registered users in MediaWiki Aaron Parecki.

Tue, Sep 2, pm Copyright by Aaron Parecki email : aaron parecki. Automatically add it now. Thu, Aug 28, am And a close-up of the wires soldered together. Thu, Aug 21, pm Another raid5 scare, and how to recover an apparently trashed array Aaron Parecki. Mon, Aug 18, am Let me tell you about some of the things that will make the most difference when using your laptop: 1 Screen resolution.

Sun, Jul 6, pm Blogging Blogging is an alternative to having a website. Fee Based Blogs Free Blogger. Here are a few tips to consider when developing a memorable username for yourself or your business: Create a unique username that is appropriate for your business. Stay away from using numbers in your username, especially at the end, and definitely don't use your birthday or year e.

Avoid usernames that will be unclear, or form "phantom" words when appearing in all lower case. For example, if your business is called "Millie's Cats", your first inclination might be to use this as your username. However, when written in lower case, the name looks like "milliescats". This username is now somewhat ambiguous, since the word "scats" appears. Try to avoid this whenever possible.

Be consistent in using your username online: You should use the same username on any websites or blogs you register for. Be conscious of where you use it. Keep in mind that your username will eventually show up in searches, so don't put it anywhere you wouldn't want someone seeing it. If you already have a username, what do you look like online? Google your username!

Email Addresses The best email address to publish and put on your business cards is an address ending in your businesses domain name, for example, john example. Registering a Domain Name There are many domain name registrars on the web. When registering a domain name for your business there are certain criteria you should follow: Your domain name should be uniquely identifying, containing your business name or keywords from it.

It can also include "inc" or "llc" to identify your business entity i. Letters abc and dashes - are allowed. Numbers are allowed, but strongly discouraged. Spaces, underscores or other special characters , or beginning or ending a domain with dashes are NOT allowed. Avoid abbreviations, unless effective in reducing the length of your domain name, such as "bn. Stay away from using abbreviations such as "4" instead of "for", "2" instead of "to", and "u" instead of "you".

This has a childish and dated look. The only reason to use these would be if the full spelling of your business name uses numbers, or if this is appropriate for your audience. Avoid lengthy names. Longer names become difficult to remember and are more prone to misspelling, for instance "somerandomdomainnameexample. In an effort to be unique, keep in mind that domain names do not have to be real words, however the best names are those that are pronounceable.

Would you be embarrassed to say it out loud or spell it in public? It has the largest amount of available names in inventory. It must be comprised of your first and last name, and is commonly used for easy to remember e-mail addresses jane doe. With the advent of the. ME extension, this extension is anticipated to fade out.

This domain extension is available through a number of registrars, including GoDaddy. Web Hosting Providers If you are working with a web designer to create a website for your business, and have not yet purchased your domain name or web hosting services, allow the web designer to be involved in the decision of which web hosting provider you use. On the Technical Side of Things Hosted by Your Web Developer Some web developers offer to relieve you of the burden of dealing with all the technical aspects of getting your website off the ground and keeping it running.

Know your audience! NOTE: Microsoft is diminishing support for Outlook - consider upgrading to Outlook to have the latest features. Login again. Students should familiarize themselves with NJIT's policy on email for official communications to students. Access the Corporate Perks site for former members here.

Save your files and photos to OneDrive and get them from any device, anywhere. Wipro slipped over 4 per cent in early Thursday because of its lower than expected March quarter earnings. How to add your email account or change your app settings for Windows 8 Mail. IP number. Save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, in OneDrive. The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when. Pick from three powerful email solutions tailored to different needs and get professional features that will help your business grow.

Build and engage with your professional network. Search Results related to webmail. OTT services, deployed via the internet are eliminating the need for fiber optic and cable line connections, and enabling service delivery through an unmanaged, open network Each group center acts as a focal point for several groups.

Wipro outlook webaccess. The IP number is Wipro is one of the largest IT companies in India. More number of clients availability. We're changing the world one idea at a time. Don't know how to set on desktop. From Office and Windows to Xbox and Skype, one username and password connects you to the files, photos, people, and content you care about most. Need help finding your way around? Visit Spectrum Support for more info about how to use and manage your Spectrum Webmail account.

TimedOut, Please Login!!! Remember my settings for this computer. Features include real time location tracking, attendance management, call management, call scheduling and dispatch. Fast, secure and spam-free webmail. Email user name. So, is webmail. Right click nodes and scroll the mouse to navigate the graph. Shyam has 4 jobs listed on their profile.

Wipro Limited. It opened at Rs and hit high and low of Webmail. Lo del SEO Negativo es una broma. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Other Wipro Entities. Sign in to start your session. IMG Contacts. You are online now, if you lose your internet connection, you can continue working offline and data will sync when you are back online.

This topic applies to Office operated by 21Vianet in China. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.

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Customer Wipro Employee. No politics as such in my experience. Click Next. Welcome to Spectrum Webmail. For the most part, we tend to use Cloud-based email services for personal use and have done so for almost two decades. All Rights Reserved. This section shows a quick analyis of the given host name or ip number.

You are not signed in. Can you help me to configure wipro webmail to outlook? I askmefast. The groups associated with Thiruthani are listed below, together with their tree planting achievements. Good work environment. Two things to try: Check to make sure Private Browsing mode is off. Qmark uses cookies to provide a secure and effective experience used strictly for necessary functions within a session and to record preferences so that users don't have to make repeated selections.

Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Select Internet E-mail. It is with this aim in mind that we have introduced certain changes in our mail systems that will reduce spam and improve your email security. Login ID Welcome. All rights reserved. Email is an essential aspect of communication for NJIT students, faculty, and staff. Office wipro webmail keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website Wipro's Synergy enables the complete automation of all Talent Acquisition process for hiring Experienced, Contractual and Campus Joinees.

Forgot your Password? This service is discontinued. Check Manually configure server settings or additional server types. They have global presence and have employees all around the world. IT firm Wipro Tuesday said it has taken over the strategic design consulting team at Syfte, an Australian agency that uses design thinking to solve client challenges. Open Outlook and select File. Enable the option, "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View" and close the settings window.

Click now to view Norton Safeweb's rating for wipro. Other organization Sign out from all the sites that you have accessed. Arun has 3 jobs listed on their profile.

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The URL is: webmail. If you must use Outlook and are connecting from off campus, you will need to connect to the VPN the first time. Today me and my family is in trouble due to wipro. A digitally encrypted message can only be opened by recipients who have the correct key. Log in with your myapplicationportal. Over 34 health insurance companies, , distribution agents and 5 million insured members trust HealthPlan Services to deliver a powerful platform providing visibility, transparency, stability and knowledge.

The scrip was down 4. I have letter of intent. Sign in to WebEx. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer. To help protect your e-mail account, close all browser windows.